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You won't like me when I'm angry...
Photo Titled Fernando Verdasco wins against Carsten Ball

It was not exactly superhero feats for Verdasco, but he was able to make it through in 4 against Carsten Ball (a rather unfortunate name for a tennis player, if you ask me).

FeVer didn't play badly, but he had a hard time finding a way to break the big-serving Ball, and then hold his serve.  Glad he made it through.  Still want to see the glories of his Adidas night outfit.

Speaking of night outfits, is it me, or is Nole's rather....shiny?

Australian open2010

What material is that shirt made out of?  Throw a few gold chains on it and some fake chest hair, and he's ready for a night out ("What is love? Baby don't hurt me....)


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